Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Helaman - Chapter 13

Such a  time.  The Lamanites are righteous and the Nephites are not.  Someone once said that the two biggest surprises we'll find in Heaven will be who is there and who is not.  Such is the kind of arrogance we can easily fall into if we think our righteousness has anything to do with who we are.  Our righteousness is wholly a function of who God is.  It is about humility rather than pride.

While it is true that "man is that he might have joy."  Samuel the Lamanite makes it plain that the endless pursuit of happiness in the realm of iniquity is an absolutely fruitless endeavor.  I have a friend who asked why I was so happy.  He complained that he wanted happiness.  He had been certain that when he made his million dollars he would be happy.  Failing that, he shot for ten million.  Having achieved that goal and still finding himself unhappy, he approached me, bewildered about the elusive gift of joy.  Without elaborating on his life, it was obvious he'd put his eggs in the wrong basket.  Well might he learn from Samuel the Lamanite.

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