Monday, August 16, 2010

Helaman - Chapter 5

In the last chapter things looked pretty bleak.  Now in this Chapter a few righteous individuals, who had not given up hope and who persisted in faith and who trusted the Lord, stepped forward and with God's divine assistance, changed everything.

The scriptures don't admonish us to bellyache about our afflictions.  They don't teach us to whine and complain about the faults and failings of others.  They don't teach us to quit hoping for the recovery of the lost, the strengthening of the weak or the softening of hardened hearts.

While I think there is a place for entering into the political arena and seeking through legal and legislative means to turn things around; this chapter seems to indicate that the real, effective, lasting answer to society's problems was and is the simple sharing of the gospel facilitated and made efficacious by the power and witness of  the Holy Ghost.  You might put your money and effort behind this political party or that candidate.  As for me, my money is on the missionaries and primary teachers and home teachers and other humble Saints who, like Nephi and Lehi, focus their efforts of sharing the blessed news of the gospel of Christ.

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