Monday, August 23, 2010

Helaman - Chapter 12

Here Mormon takes a breather from his abridgment to do a little editorializing.  He draws the basic conclusion we all might draw from the story of the Nephites.  He reiterates God's promise that we might prosper in the land if we will keep the commandments.  But that because of pride, the refusal to acknowledge the Hand of God in all things, the promise is frequently revoked.  We can clearly see the same cycle happening in the modern day land of promise.  Not only do we see it collectively though, I for one, can see the same cycle in my own life.  I can only express gratitude for a loving Father who has graciously extended my probation that I might, yet again give righteousness and prosperity a try.  How grateful I am that I was not a casualty of my own infidelity in the past and remain to try one more time, to enjoy His blessings while remaining humble and grateful.  I am thankful for the cycle though, for it has taught and prodded my to a deeper understanding and love for my Savior.  I just know that another crash into prideful rebellion may be my last and more devastating than I can imagine.

I rejoiced today as I read verse twenty-five and noticed that Mormon has selected the word some when he was referring to those who would, in the end, be lost.  He might have chosen many, or multitudes or few, but instead he left it open to discovery.  It truly remains to be seen who will choose bondage and sorrow over freedom and joy.  So to me, some, then becomes a hopeful word for me and for you.  One day in the Temple  one of the Presidency spoke to us.  In his remarks he quoted Wilford Woodruff, I think.  I wish I could reference the quote for you.  Essentially, it said that the vast majority of the people for whom we were laboring in the Temple, were accepting the work.  They were receiving the ordinances and the blessings of the Atonement.  This was a thing I had not before supposed.  What a joyful, hopeful statement.  The vast majority will enjoy the blessings of Exaltation and only some will choose otherwise.  Praise God! that His a Plan of Salvation not one of damnation!

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