Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alma - Chapter 63

I have Maori friend who says ancient Maori chants delineate a long line of ancestors tracing back to one named Hagota.  If this it happens that Hagoth and Hagota are one and the same, it seems to indicate that the Polynesians may have descended from Nephites rather than Lamanites.  Of course there might not be any connection at all.  One thing is for sure.  The Polynesians are children of Israel and fulfill the promise given to their Father Abraham that through them all the earth would be blessed.  I can trace the strength of my own faith back to one such inspired descendant of Lehi.

The Introduction in the current edition of The Book of Mormon states that the Lamanites are "among the ancestors of the American Indians."  Again, I have had broad experience with these indigenous people and find the Covenant of Abraham apparent in their lives and service.

I don't know if the seafaring history of Polynesia and Haida Gwaii are directly related to Hagoth and his voyages, but it seems likely and very intriguing.  I can't help but wonder how far he sailed and to what extent he spread the blood of Israel as a result of his voyages.  A Nephew of mine served among the Ainu, indigenous people of Japan, some of whom also lay claim to Book of Mormon ancestral connections.

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